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School Council competition

School council are updating the current playground charter and would like your help in doing so. We have decided to do this by running a poster competition throughout the school. One winning entry will be chosen from each year group with the prize of having your poster printed out, your fellow classmates all to sign it and then to have it displayed in your classroom for all to see.  

Your poster can take on any format you like. The only stipulations are that it must be on an A4 sheet of paper and must include somewhere on the poster the following.

Playground Charter

Remember to share your games, try not to leave people out.

Check there is no one sitting on the caring friends bench.

Care and look after others.

Remember not to ride your bikes or scooters in the playground.

Treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.

Respect the school's equipment by not throwing them and remembering to tidy them away.

Remember to walk back into school at the end of break and lunch.

The mobile slope and steps should not be used as a play area.

All entries will need to be handed in to your class teacher on or by 20th February .to be considered and winning posters will be chosen by school councillors.

Any questions please see Mrs Heard (Class 1) or Mrs.Brace (Class 2).

School Council


Our 2016 / 2017 School Council members


From our Antibullying Assembly:

The Happy School Rap!

Bullying is bad, very, very bad,

People get hurt, people feel sad.


Help make the school a secure and safe place,

Let’s put a smile on everybody’s face.


Tell an adult or your friend,

To make sure the bulling comes to an end.


We are here singing this rap-py,

To make everybody here feel happy!

What is bullying?

Bullying is when someone causes a person harm on purpose and this behaviour happens over and over again. It can include:

  • Physical abuse e.g. kicking, hitting, pushing
  • Verbal abuse e.g. name calling, teasing, spreading rumours
  • Isolating a person e.g. leaving people out
  • Cyber bullying - e.g. sending mean text, email or instant messages.

Whose responsibility is it to stop bullying in school?

  • Everyone is!
  • The School Council have also set up the Caring Friends to make sure the school stays a happy place to be!

What is the role of Caring Friend?

Caring Friends are here to…

  • make the playground a happy place.
  • look for a friend in need.
  • be a helping hand.

So remember…

Bullying is when someone causes a person harm on purpose and this behaviour happens over and over again.

There are different types of bullying.

Everyone needs to work together to STOP bullying in school.

The Caring Friends are here to help. Look for them on the playground in their yellow bibs.

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