We are a Voluntary Aided Primary school for 4-11 year olds based in Northamptonshire. We aim to provide a caring, secure and enriching experience; each child is encouraged to develop strong personal, academic, physical and creative skills for lifelong learning.
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Action Fraud

(Action Fraud, Administrator, National)

We are the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and financially motivated cyber crime and are run by the City of London Police, working alongside the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. Our specialist team uses information from all of the fraud and cyber crime cases reported to us to create alerts about new types of crime or those which are increasing in severity.
Further to the message you received on the 19th December from the Neighbourhood Alerts team, we are delighted to now be working together with this network because it means that we can share our prevention alerts with you from now on. Don’t worry – we will send only a reasonable amount of these alerts to you, and only when we think that they may be relevant, in the hope that you will be able to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of this type of crime.
Issues that we commonly see, and that we will be informing you about specifically over the coming weeks and months include the following:
• People who call to tell you that there is a problem with your bank card and that they need to collect it from you to fix the problem; • Fraud committed by people selling event / entertainment tickets, weight-loss / teeth whitening drugs, or vehicles online; • Fraud committed by people who cold-call thousands of people in the UK in order to sell them an investment in shares or precious metals, or who want them to invest their pension; • People pretending to be someone they are not in order to persuade your business to send money to a new bank account to pay for an invoice; • The activities of cyber-criminals who want to infect your computer or smartphone in order to steal your banking details or “lock” important files to prevent you from using or viewing them; • Fraudsters who persuade people to pay a fee in advance of receiving a loan, which never appears.
All of these can be avoided by following the simple prevention advice we will include in every alert we send you, which you will also be able to find on the Action Fraud website
We hope that you find our alerts interesting and that they can help you to keep the criminals at arm’s length.
You will also continue to receive messages as normal from the agencies who already communicate with you.
Thanks for your attention,
The Action Fraud team
If you believe you have been a victim of fraud or cybercrime, please report it to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040, or visiting www.actionfraud.police.uk.

Jog Northants

In January last year, Rockingham Primary School, along with 6 other schools in Northamptonshire, took advantage of the free Jog Northants programme. The Jog Northants programme provided schools with a qualified and insured leader to lead beginner jogging session to parents. The sessions included a light warm-up and integrated power walking with some light running to gradually improve fitness. The classes lasted between 6-10 weeks and all started at 9:00am after the morning drop off.

The sessions were completely free of charge and were of no cost to the school or parents. The schools helped promote the groups and encouraged parents to come along, the leader did the rest! We are offering out free 10 week beginners jogging courses to schools to start in January 2015.

Frances McKechnie, Parent Support Advisor at Rockingham Primary School said:

“The Jogging group has been a great success at our school. Parents have said how much they enjoy the social aspects as well as keeping fit. They feel inspired and motivated to losing weight, giving up smoking or simply to feel better about themselves.

The group has been successful because of the encouragement and enthusiasm from the Leader provided in working with parents to help them achieve their individual goals”.

Jog Northants – Free School Gates Jogging Groups Success

Below are some comments from the group members on their experience:

“I have recently given up smoking and feel healthier but was afraid of putting on weight. This jogging group has helped me, at first I was embarrassed of who saw me jogging but now I don’t care who sees me”

“The Leader has been fantastic she started the group off slow and gradually brought me up to a level where I could feel the difference in my health and fitness”

“It’s a good mix of parents and we all get on so well now”

“I’ve really enjoyed how the leader varied the route and activities and made sure each person was ok”

“The leader is very friendly and very supportive. Always encouraging us to do just a little bit more. She is great”

If you would like a jogging group for the parents at your school, starting in January 2015, please contact the school office.

Jog Northants registration form

Consultation on admission arrangements for Northamptonshire schools for 2016.

Northamptonshire County Council’s School Admissions Team is leading a formal consultation on the admission arrangements for mainstream schools within the county for the 2016 entry.  This consultation period allows parents, schools, religious authorities and the local community to comment on proposed admission arrangements.

The consultation period runs from 1st December 2014 – 6th February 2015

Final arrangements will be available by 15th April 2015.

Please visit www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/admissions