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E-Safety Support

Internet Safety

Online Safety Resources to Support Parents/Carers and Pupils

There are a range of resources on this page – many of which have been produced by Northamptonshire County Council’s Online Safety Online Safetyand Wellbeing Officer – to help parents/carers support their children online.  At a time when we are all accessing digital platforms more frequently, it is so important to help young people manage their online choices and behaviours.  For more information about the most popular sites, apps and games that young people use, please visit








The winner of the 2020 internet safety poster competition is Lydia in Class 6.

Esafety 2020


The winner of the 2019 internet safety poster competition was Beatrice in Class 6.

ESafety poster


The winner of the 2018 internet safety poster competition was Amber in Class 5.

2018 Internet Safety poster