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On this page, you will find resources to aid your child’s transition into their new class.  In addition, teachers have given guidance on what pupils could practise over the summer holidays to maintain their core skills – these resources are directly linked to the end of the year school reports that were sent home at the beginning of July. At the bottom of the page, there are also a range of activities, challenges and tasks that children could choose to do over the summer holiday. 



Staff have recorded short videos to introduce themselves and the classroom, and they have also produced booklets with key information to help prepare pupils for their new year group in September.


To the new Class 1 …





To the new Class 2 ...





To the new Class 3 …



To the new Class 4 …





To the new Class 5 …





To the new Class 6 …




Transition information and resources for the new Class Reception are available on


Things to work on over the summer holidays:

Over the summer break, it would be great for your child to work on their individual targets that have been identified in their report. Please look at the materials and links provided in the ‘Targets’ folders – these are available in the resources sidebar on this page of the school website.


Please note: The folder names refer to the current academic year (2019-2020), not the classes children will be in from September.  


Summer holiday activities:

Activity Pack

Our Summer Holiday Activity Pack has been compiled by the teachers at Bliss for you to enjoy as a family – please find it below and in the resources sidebar on this page of the school website. 




Unlike our Home Learning Packs, our summer holiday resources are not differentiated by age; there are a range of activities for children of all ages to enjoy – this means that brothers and sisters could work on these tasks together instead of doing separate learning tasks. 


The Summer Holiday Activity Pack covers a broad range of curriculum areas, from science, geography and history to art, music, ICT and PSHE.  There is no need to record any of the work children do from the Summer Holiday Activity Pack, although you could do if you would like to.


Any additional information and materials that accompany the Summer Holiday Activity Pack have been uploaded into the resources sidebar on this page of the school website.  Don’t forget, the activity packs from the previous two holidays which are still available as well – please visit:




Summer Reading Challenge



The Summer Reading Challenge takes place every year across the country. The Challenge encourages children aged 4 to 11 to enjoy the benefits of reading for pleasure over the summer holidays, providing lots of fun as well as preventing the summer reading ‘dip’.


Each year the Challenge motivates over 700,000 children to keep reading to build their skills and confidence. With the disruption caused by Covid-19 and the impact of social distancing on schools and public libraries, the 2020 Challenge has been launched in a new, digital format, designed to keep children engaged and interested in reading.


This year, the Summer Reading Challenge’s ‘Silly Squad’ will celebrate funny books, happiness and laughter. Children taking part in the Challenge will join the Silly Squad, an adventurous team of animals who love to have a laugh and get stuck into all sorts of funny books! The 2020 Challenge features bespoke artwork from award-winning children’s author and illustrator Laura Ellen Anderson (Amelia Fang; Evil Emperor Penguin; I Don’t Want Curly Hair).





The Summer Reading Challenge website ( is free to access and features games, quizzes and downloadable activities that incentivise and encourage children to take part in reading related activities. Although public library buildings are closed, libraries will continue to deliver the Challenge through virtual services and e-lending platforms. Visit your local library website to find out how you can access eBooks, audiobooks, comics and magazines for free that you can use to complete the Challenge at home.


Don’t forget, you can visit Sora to explore a range of eBooks, audiobooks and ‘read-alongs’! Access to this e-library is completely free to Bliss pupils! Download the Sora app or visit and get started using your username and password.  Alternatively, you could access the free eBooks on Oxford Owl (


Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any difficulties accessing this resources. 




Alongside the official Summer Reading Challenge, we always run our own school-based version.  All pupils have been given special bookmarks to record the six books they read (spare copies of the bookmarks are available to download in the resources sidebar on this page of the school website).


The bookmarks can then be brought back to school in September to earn a certificate and be entered into our prize draw! Pupils at Bliss are welcome to enter the official Summer Reading Challenge as well as our own school-based version if they would like to. 


In 2019, 104 pupils at The Bliss Charity School completed the Summer Reading Challenge!  It would be great if we could see such high numbers of pupils reading regularly over the summer again this year.



Virtual Read Aloud


At Bliss, we hold a ‘Read Aloud’ at the end of every term … and, once again, the school closure was not going to prevent us from doing this!  


Virtual Real Aloud Term 6 


Please click on the videos below to watch adults from our school read a selection of free e-books! By logging onto Sora or Oxford Owl, you can finish the books we have chosen to share with you! If you finish any of the eBooks started by the Bliss staff, you could record these as part of your Summer Reading Challenge! 






















Don’t forget the Read Alouds from the previous two holidays which are still available:


Read Alouds 


 Please visit:








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