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Full Re-opening - September 2020

The purpose of this page is to provide families with information about how we plan to open The Bliss Charity School fully after the summer holidays (Thursday 3rd September).

In the side bar, please find the following documents:

  • Letter from the Headteacher (16-07-20)
  • Full Opening Information Booklet (16-07-20)
  • Full Opening Risk Assessment - updated 16-12-20
  • Checklists to help staff facilitate the DfE’s protection and control measures.



Whilst the plans outlined in the documents above are correct at the time of writing (16/07/20), it is possible that we will need to make changes to our plans following further guidance from the Department for Education – the DfE’s advice is being updated at regular intervals, which we are doing our very best to keep up with. If this is the case, amendments will be provided ahead of the new academic year.


Risk assessment

Our risk assessment for full opening adheres to all of the DfE’s requirements published to date (16/07/20) – this has been written in consultation with staff and reviewed by members of the Governing Body.

However, it must be recognised that – whilst this is a very detailed and comprehensive document – our risk assessment is ‘on-going’ and operational changes may be made before (or after) opening to all pupils on Thursday 3rd September so that it reflects the best possible practice in education settings. It is anticipated that any changes to our risk assessment from now on will affect the finer details of the plan rather than the broad, strategic structure.


Further information

Should further information be required, please refer to the following DfE materials, as these documents provide the framework in which decisions about the autumn term at Bliss have been made:


School leaders will continue to respond to updates from the DfE to adapt and refine planning and risk assessments to ensure The Bliss Charity School is ready to open fully on Thursday 3rd September. If any important amendments need to take place, these will be shared with parents/carers ahead of the new academic year. If there are any questions that are not answered in the Information Booklet, staff will be back in school on Tuesday 1st September and they can be dealt with then.